1800's Coin Found in My Parents' Yard!

By: Anonymous

In November of 2012 I purchased a Minelab X-TERRA 505 so that my eight year old son and I could share a fun and exciting hobby together.

We had found several clad coins here in northwest Ohio along with a few silvers on the family farm. One day this past spring my kids were playing on the swing set and I retrieved my detector to pass some time while they played. I was detecting around the swing set 20 feet from my parent's house when I got a solid 39 reading at four inches deep. Having found other clad in the yard I thought it was just another dime. I popped the plug out of the ground, picked out the coin, and gave it a sweep with my thumb to remove the sticky clay covering its face. It was then that I knew this wasn't just a clad dime. I had uncovered an 1853 seated liberty dime with arrows! I was speechless.

Thank you Minelab for this awesome machine that has allowed me and my kids to enjoy being outdoors uncovering history! Hooked for life in northwest Ohio!