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17th Century Silver Bonanza!

By: Anonymous

Hi All, At the beginning of March I began searching a new site that has early structure, but shows no activity on the earliest maps I have access to, (1892). After a bit of scanning, I pulled a large silver coin with a cross visible on one side, but clearly not Spanish, Finally Identified as undated 400 Reis Cruzado, 1640-1654. No web info, found image in an old World Coin book.


A local 'Old Timer' pointed me to an area here that he said was a popular swimming hole when he was child. I began searching in shallow water, found a couple 20th century silvers, as I moved away from the water and began hunting inshore (with permission from the property owner), I was very surprised to dig a Mass Pine Tree Shilling! It's a Large Planchet Noe-1, easily IDed by the Die Crack around date.

On my return to the site, and within 10 feet of the Pine discovery, just under the rocky top layer I unearth a Mass Oak Tree Shilling. Identified as the 'Very Rare' Noe-3 variety because it's the only one with reverse 'New England' beginning at the 1:00 position. This one has a weak and off center obverse strike (typical of the Oaks) and still wearing some encrustation, you can still see those spiky branches though.

I've made some nice finds over the years, but never thought I'd dig a bonanza like this in the course of the last two weeks. John Hull made a lot of Mass Silver over the span of 30 years, I'm sure a lot of it is still out there to be found! I'm including photos of both sides of the Oak, And one of the Portugese.

This is proof that there's still Nice oldies out there! I love the Performance of My E-TRAC in all conditions, especially its ability to pull goodies from iron rich areas.

Happy Hunting to all!!

17th-century-silver-bonanza-1 17th-century-silver-bonanza-2