1740 Spanish ½ Real Find with V3i!

By: Anonymous

Hi folks,
I'm a history buff and I attend yearly living history events called "rendezvous" where folks get together in 18th century period correct clothing and live like our ancestors did on the frontier. I've always been interested in history, antiques and treasure hunting. Not long ago I purchased my first metal detector and it was a White's IDX Pro. After finding a few coins and things at my old farmhouse, I was hooked. While researching other White's metal detectors online, I discovered their newest flagship model the Spectra V3i. I did some research on forums and found that this is the detector for me.


So, I purchased the Spectra V3i and I wanted to share my most recent best find to date since I've had it. What's great about the V3i is that it's a touch and go unit that you can easily modify on the fly when soil conditions change and it has a bunch of different preset programs allowing you to search for all kinds of relics in the ground waiting to be discovered. White's made it extremely easy for beginners like me to use.

I was out recently at my local hunting spot where I've found lots of modern clad coins, a gold wedding band, and a Victorian silver ring. I like keeping it simple and use the coin & jewelry mode when hunting because I feel this mode enables me to find all of the types of non ferrous metals like coins and jewelry that may be in the ground, hence the name. Upon sweeping the ground in this one area, I got a nice clear repeatable sound. The VDI # on the screen was showing 62 and the depth was 4-1/2 inches. I then pushed the trigger forward to reveal the spectragraph which showed a nice target size and evenly space target signatures of the 3 different frequencies of which the 2.5 kHz was the strongest. I then pulled the trigger forward to pin point mode to pin point where to accurately dig. I then made a nice clean plug, flipped over the dirt and to my surprise, at 4-1/2 inches down, found a Silver 1740 Spanish Pillar 1/2 Reale coin/button. WOW! This was best find to date.

I am so glad that I bought this amazing machine. I've only just scratched the surface of what it can do. I am new to this great hobby and with the Spectra V3i even a beginner like me can find it very easy to use. Plus it's very light and balanced so my arm doesn't get tired from sweeping for hours of hunting. I am extremely proud to own the best metal detector on the market and thanks to White's, this is the only metal detector I'll ever own.

1740-spanish-half-real-find-with-v3i-1 1740-spanish-half-real-find-with-v3i-2