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E-TRAC Scores 112 Silver Coins in 17 Days!

By: Anonymous

I had business in an unfamilar town, and researched potential places to detect while I was there. Threw my E-TRAC and gear in the car, and headed off.

The first site on my list was closed, and when I arrived at the second site, it looked special. Old and undisturbed. There was a police officer in the parking lot, and I asked if it was ok to detect here. He said no problem, so I grabbed my E-TRAC, and was off.


I only had 3 hours to detect that day, but that is plenty of time to get the feel of a site. I pulled 5 silver coins right off the bat in that three hours, and I knew I was onto something, and that the site could be a monster site. The reason I knew that was that it was really, really trashy, and I was pulling deep targets in the trash. This is the sort of site that scares many detectorists away, but that the E-TRAC eats up.

My second and third days on the site, I put in 5 hour hunts, and pulled 7 silvers and 10 silvers on those 2 days. What I was noticing was that the silvers were hard -- deep and in the trash. And that the E-TRAC was finding them.

At this point I knew I had a monster site on my hands, and rearranged my work schedule to devote a full day to working this site, and pulled a personal record 23 silver coins that day. Almost all were deep and in the trash.

I continued to work the site when I could, and over 17 days (11 hunts), I managed to pull 112 silver coins, including a streak of 7 straight hunts where I pulled at least 10 silver coins.

This was a simple, large public park. The silver was well defended by heavy trash, but it was no match for my E-TRAC.

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