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10 Great Months With My Coinmaster

By: Anonymous

I got my Coinmaster as a Christmas present in 2011. I have had detectors before (All of them White's). I have always and will continue to use a White's detector.

I decided to detect for a year and see what my finds would be. Am I amazed with all the things I have found this year so far! This is only a portion of my finds in just 10 months of hunting...

The highlights of my finds include:

A diamond ring, a class ring, 9 silver rings, 2 silver chains, a gold chain, 3 diamond earrings, 2 gold earrings, a 1910 "V" nickel, many silver dimes (Rosies and Mercs), many silver quarters, silver halves, silver dollars, watches, and over $800 in clad change!!!

My Coinmaster has found all of this and then some!!! I couldn't be happier with my Coinmaster.

Thank you White's for making the best detectors in the world!!!!

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