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MICHAEL K. Mitford /Palm Bay, Massachusetts US - July 08, 2018


Amazing Service & Professionalism From James & Kellyco

Michael K. Phoenix, Arizona US - July 05, 2018

James, Thank you for the amazing service! This was my first experience with Kellco Detectors, and it was a pleasant encounter. You provided me with rapid service, where pleasant to work with, and when you were unsure of how to proceed you found accurate answers in a expeditious manner. Securing my military discount greatly helps me. Thanks to this experience I will continue to order from Kellyco knowing there are professional such as yourself working there. Please forward this email to your supervisor, as I would like to have your professionalism noticed. Once again, thank you and I hope you have a great day. Respectfully, SSgt Michael Kent

Great Service from James

Jody G. Pensacola, Florida US - May 17, 2018

Purchased the Minelab Xterra 305 from James Gamble, service was great! He was very patient with my many questions! Love the detector, easy to operate and spot on! Great at the beach! I will purchase again from KellyCo!

Nokta Impact

Stash Sanford, Florida US - February 16, 2018

I am impressed with my new Nokta Impact. It has a lot of features which makes it the detector of the future. Stevie Ray and Mark made my buying experience easy and informative.

Found the One We've Been Looking For

Billy E. MOSS POINT, Mississippi US - February 03, 2018

I am glad to find this company. My wife and I lost our metal detector in hurricane Katrina. We have been using my friend's metal detector, but I found the one we've been looking for. It's on my wish list. I am on disability but it's in or price range. It's fun for us to find things together.

Kellyco...A Winning Bet Literally?

Kevin H. Dandridge, Tennessee US - January 01, 2018

Can you think of any company you'd bet $500 on doing things right? Here is what I'm gonna do and some background. I purchased a Tesoro Outlaw from Kellyco through Stevie Ray a couple years ago. First, the machines they sell are of the highest quality. Second, Stevie Ray was much more help than I ever expected. I think the staff at Kellyco are such great help because of their own passion for detecting and treasure hunting, that's where the drive to help others comes from. Or maybe they looking for a kick-back after someone's big find, I don't know. Lol Anyway, I am now about to make another purchase and have made a fairly large and important bet with my brother that everything with my order goes perfectly. On time, no damage, etc. Just make an order, pay and receive as promised. I can't think of another company I would put this much faith in with what's riding on our bet. I'll let everyone know that I won the bet and more details asap.


TOM R. PALMYRA, Virginia US - December 08, 2017

All I can say is after some 30 years dealing with KELLYCO IT HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A PLEASURE. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE BEST!!!!!! (2017)

Best Customer Service!!

Diana Z. Newport, North Carolina US - October 16, 2017

Being new to this sport, I spent a great deal of time watching videos on youtube, over a year, about several detectors. When I felt ready, I called Kellyco and spoke to young Steve with my needs. I had many questions still to be answered. I explained what I had seen to be the best unit for me and he went out of his way to track down the last one of a special deal for me and assure me of my choice. The more we spoke, the more calm I became with making a buy from someone I did not know for something I never used before and a company I had not heard of before watching videos. Thank you Steve and Kellyco for making my retirement time much more enjoyable as I only have less than 2 years to go. I have always been active and plan to spend the rest of my life doing things I love..... P S. I did find my first ring, a class ring, and returned it to the young man. Not bad for only using it 11 times, again thank you for all the fun!

Friendly Staff

Robert J. Lignum, Virginia US - October 06, 2017

The staff is very pleasant to talk to and eager to assist. Had a small issue, they corrected everything promptly and made sure I was happy. I will gladly recommend Kellyco and gladly purchase from them again.

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