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Tesoro Metal Detectors & Accessories offers a wide selection of high quality, reasonably priced metal detectors for the hobbyist and professional. Besides the range of inventory, the company has terrific customer service that can assess which product fits your needs and direct you to a suitable model, such as the excellent line of Tesoro Metal Detectors from Kellyco. You can call either of the help telephone numbers or stay online and utilize the live chat option.

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Why should hobbyists and pros consider the Tesoro brand metal detectors at Kellyco?

Tesoro are lightweight and several models come with a search coil as large as 11 X 8. They also have outstanding depth and sensitivity balance. The brand’s “Responsive Signal Design” technology gives users a distinct advantage in heavily mineralized areas.

Where are Tesoro detectors manufactured?

The factory that makes Tesoro metal detectors at Kellyco is located in Prescott, Arizona. The company was founded by Jack and Myrna Gifford in their garage many years ago. But the first official announcement went out in 1980. He ran the company until 2004 before retiring and it remains a family-owned business to this day.

Are Tesoro metal detector Consumer Reports good?

The simple answer is, yes. Consumer user sites provide very positive anecdotal reviews and those using a star system tend to be at or near the best possible rating. Tesoro owners with differing needs and different models tend to be pleased with their niche purchase. Overall, people appear very pleased with Tesoro.

What are the best uses for this brand of metal detector?

Metal detectors have varying uses depending on what you want to find. Tesoro has numerous models that can be used on a soft sandy beach in search of coins and jewelry. They also come with in more commercial models that can help detect pipes and materials on job sites. Still other models can be used underwater. Kellyco offers a wide range of Tesoro metal detectors that fit different needs.

Why should you buy a metal detector?

The first recorded use of a metal detector was in 1881, when Alexander Graham Bell tried to find a bullet lodged in Pres. Garfield’s chest. In 1977, one treasure seeker discovered a 4.9K gold nugget with 132 pieces of gold inside, known today as the Mojave Nugget. In 1989, an Aussie found a 12-inch gold nugget in the shape of a boat. It has been dubbed the Boat of Cortez and is worth more than $1.5 million. The discover stories seem endless. There’s something special about retrieving, reclaiming and discovering lost treasures.

Tesoro Metal Detectors from Kellyco are a highly respected brand and the website makes purchasing the right model for your needs simple and painless. Visit Kellyco and discover its vast inventory and outstanding customer support team.

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