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Detecting Adventures T-Rex 8" Stainless Steel Sand Scoop

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Reinforced Top Plate and Gusset, Scoop is Tougher and More Durable than Ever.

Detecting Adventures T-Rex 8" Stainless Steel Sand Scoop
Reinforced Top Plate and Gusset, Scoop is Tougher and More Durable than Ever.

Gold Digger Innovative Products brings you the newly improved T-Rex Stainless Steel Scoop. With a reinforced top plate and added Gusset, the T-Rex Stainless Steel Scoop is tougher and more durable than ever. The 11” x 8” scoop features an angled handle, 3/8” holes, and a .075” gauge of stainless steel to tackle the stress of digging in sand. With a top depth of 5”, you won’t lose treasures to the waves. Let the T-Rex Stainless Steel Scoop give you the added advantage as you search the surf for your latest find.

*Please Note : Wooden handle NOT included - can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store. We recommend wood or fiberglass handle only.

Detecting Adventures T-Rex 8" Stainless Steel Sand Scoop Sand Scoop


  • 3/8” Holes
  • 11” x 8” x 4 7/8”
  • Angled Handles
  • Stainless Steel Construction

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Very Well-Made Scoop

Review by Jack on October 30, 2016

I am new to metal detecting, and this was my first scoop purchase. I had been using a small shovel on the beach, which wasn’t working out very well. With this scoop, you can dig in dry or wet sand easily. The back is reinforced, so you can use your foot to drive the scoop into the sand without worrying about bending it.

The holes are a little small if you’re digging in combination wet/dry beach sand. The wet sand hangs up in the holes, so it takes some shaking to clear it out and get to your target.

The T Rex is a little heavy to drag up and down dry beach sand, especially if you use a wooden handle with it. The scoop itself is pretty heavy, and adding a standard wooden shovel handle to it makes it a combination sand scoop / arm workout device. A fiberglass or carbon fiber handle would make the overall weight a lot less, but might take away some ability to pry out stubborn sand or rocks.

The T Rex is very well made. All of the welds are nice and neat, and look very strong. I don’t hesitate to force this scoop into very dense sand that is sometimes rocky. I know it will handle any punishment I give it.

The T Rex is made of stainless steel, so cleanup is easy. I just hose it off when I’m done, and let it dry. And I don’t worry about putting it away a little damp. There is no rust on it, and I have used it on the last six beach hunts.

I do like the T Rex scoop very much, and use it every time I go out. I’m thinking about getting a smaller sand scoop for the dry sand, and keeping the T Rex for when I get a better detector that I can use in the water.

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