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Sluice Goose Industries Goldrop Paydirt Separator


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Product highlights

  • Makes gold separating easier and safer
  • Filters over 99.8% of gold out of a concentrate within seconds
Product Description

Around the world the majority of gold separating is being performed with a pan and in many cases mercury. This is not only an archaic process, but is also quite deadly.

John Richmond, the founder of Sluice Goose Industries and the inventor of Goldrop, wanted to change the lives of millions around the world and make it easier for prospectors to make a living. The Goldrop will do both.

The Goldrop is designed to be portable, durable and easy to use. After a quick classification process the concentrate is simply dumped into the top of the Goldrop. Within seconds, over 99.8% of the gold is filtered and deposited into a canister at the base of the Goldrop. That’s it.

What's Included:

  • One Goldrop unit plumbed and ready to go
  • Two 1100 GPH Bilge Pumps
  • One set of battery clamps
  • One Bilge pump hose
  • One Siphon hose
  • One PVC Tailings Discharge Pipe Assembly
  • Six Collection jars

How It Works


After classifying the pay dirt down to 1/8 inch minus, the classified material is fed into the top of the Goldrop.


The Goldrop then uses only water flow to separate the gold from the dirt in just seconds. Dirt can continuously be fed into the top of the unit. As the Goldrop separates the gold the tailings are fed out of the back of the unit into an optional bucket or back onto the ground.


At the bottom of the Goldrop is a collection jar. The jar will continue to collect gold as you feed in the pay dirt at the top. There’s no need to remove the jar until it’s full. If you want to inspect the jar you remove it while the Goldrop continues to separate the gold. Once the jar is reattached and the valve is opened, all the gold will instantly fall that was processed while the jar was removed.

Sluice Goose Goldrop Kit

  • Quick Look The Goldrop is designed to be portable, durable and easy to use. After a quick classification process the concentrate is simply dumped into the top of the Goldrop.
  • SKU 36-SG20A2
  • Manufacturer SKU SG20A2
  • Manufacturer Sluice Goose Industries
  • Product Type Sluice Boxes
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    • ★★★★★ One awesome piece of equipment to have

    Review by Lhatch on October 3, 2020

    One awesome piece of equipment to have. If you haven't watched the videos on this, you should! Well worth it! Great piece of equipment.
    • ★★★★★ Goldrop is the ultimate for novice to advanced

    Review by Megan Yellow Chick Rosey on October 2, 2020

    Original outside the family Beta Tester, I have found this durable, easy to set up, and use right out of the carton, Goldrop unit to be THE answer to all my placer mining dreams, especially cleanup. Pre-classifying with screens beyond the already small 1/8th minus size recommended, has significantly improved my ability to capture down to minus 200 regular and sometimes beyond, beach gold here on the west coast especially. I've reduced it to its smallest weight possible and this is a 7# wonder, which goes anywhere, and does it all...with directed water flow--elutriation flow. I've mounted it on a portable, metal, collapsible easel. So lightweight!!! ///I sold my RP-4 to get my hands on this unit. Man, but am I glad!!! Thanks, JOHN. Truly, THIS is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and even trumps the Gold Cube for ease of use, volume throughput, and in time savings most especially. Love the yellow in the jar with very little effort!!!
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