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Kellyco Seminole Indian War Fort and Camp Locations

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Contains images of the original surveys and modern maps for the state of Florida – focusing on Seminole Indian Villages and Towns, Forts, and Battle Sites.

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Seminole Indian War Fort and Camp Locations - from Florida Survery Records
Contains images of the original surveys and modern maps for the state of Florida – focusing on Seminole Indian Villages and Towns, Forts, and Battle Sites.

This book includes Seminole Indian related information found amongst the survey records of the State of Florida. This book is a compilation of all the information found from the six Florida Land Grant Atlas books. This dedicated book will focus on, Seminole Indian Villages and Towns, Forts, and Battle Sites (if noted by the surveyor) as found in the Survey Plats from the 1830s-1850s era. In addition, this book will show the original survey drawings, and includes a modern map showing the location as documented in the survey records. Will this be exact? Perhaps not, however, it will be crucial information to assist further research – since these primary records show what the surveyor found over a century ago. Enough geological information is offered by both the old and modern maps – that should assist in noting a shift to the actual location – or provide enough primary information to assist a site survey. Starting with good primary records is so important. - 384 pgs.


  • Published: June 12, 2018
  • Pages: 384
  • Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Seminole Indian War Fort and Camp Locations


Seminole 1 Seminole 1 Seminole 1

This book contains Seminole Indian War fort, camps, battle-sites, and Indian Villages as noted in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) survey records.


The data for these atlases originates from the BLM website. However, this volume “mined” the data from a broad area of records in the main part of the State. Although a little nebulous as to coverage, this book does not include any research in the panhandle or very northeast part of the state (Jacksonville northward). All of this research originated from the authors Land Grant Atlases (currently Vol 1-6) as well as from additional research in areas in the southern part of the state (future Vol 7 and 8). In addition to the forts/camps - if there was an “Indian village” noted by the surveyor, it too is provided in this volume. However, not every fort that was built – was noted by the surveyor. For example, Fort Christmas was well known, but no survey record references the fort or the roads associated with it. Nevertheless, what was found is provided in this book.

How to Use This Book

A basic overview of the three well known Seminole Indian wars, fort and stockade construction, and general issues of accuracy of the surveys. Then a chart is provided to list as many forts that the author could locate, and then note if it was found in a survey record (plat) or not. If the fort was located - Township and Range numbers are provided for quick reference. Then the original Range plat (the entire 16-square miles) image is provided - followed by a cropped section of the fort/camp/village details. A modern map is provided to attempt to align and provide as accurate as possible of the location – today – based on the old survey. Yet, there are inherent anomalies between the old surveys and the modern map today. Nevertheless, what is provided should get the researcher very close to the general area.

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