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Kellyco Sawtooth Gator Digger

Sku: 64-5593
Retail: $49.95
Now Only: $37.95
Extremely Strong Steel Blade Comes with a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty Against Breakage

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Kellyco Sawtooth Gator Digger
Extremely Strong Steel Blade Comes with a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty Against Breakage

This is the ORIGINAL Gator Series Digger that we have sold for over 15 years. It is NOT a cheap copy that others try to sell under different animal names. Kellyco's Gator Digger has a total of 42 Gator teeth (21 on each side of the blade) to more easily cut into the ground. Stamped on the inside of the blade is the authentic Gator Logo.

The Sawtooth Gator 1500 series Hardened steel blade is extremely strong. Coated blade is 7.5" long x 3" wide, with twin cutting tip and Gator Teeth on both sides of blade, handle is 4.5" long. The international orange nonslip handle makes this digger easy to find if lost. Gator Digger comes with a limited lifetime replacement warranty against breakage.

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Handle Cover

Review by Leighton on October 06, 2016

The rubber handle cover will cut through after hard digging. I'd check for a different digging tool, although the steel is tough. I put a chair knob on it and they fit perfect. Also you can glue a PVC cap over the rubber and that works fine also.

Can't Beat It

Review by JR on February 28, 2016

Replace the way over soft handle with a nice firm BMX bike grip and you're set for life.

Great Tough Digger

Review by James on February 01, 2016

I received this digger FREE when I bought a Nokta Gold. I feel grateful to have it. It works well for me. I filed a sharper edge for hard ground and its good hard steel. The handle is still tight but if it comes loose I will put some (HARD AS NAILS) construction glue inside and that will take care of that. I found I wasted a lot of time locating gold nuggets so I purchased a Nokta pointer and that has made locating easier and much faster. THANKS KELLYCO. I am retired and needed exercise but I hate to walk. Well I am not walking, I am hunting for gold.

Gator Digger

Review by Bradshaw R on January 12, 2015

For you all that have a problem with the rubber handle, take it off and clean both handles (steel and rubber) with dish detergent to remove oil... wrap steel handle with a few wraps of Duck tape, then put rubber back on and push, you might have to hit it on concrete to get it on all the way. Once its on, IT is ON! Happy Digging!!

Kellyco Sawtooth Gator Digger 1500

Review by Daniel H on December 12, 2014

First time I used the digger the handle came off in my hand. After placing the handle back on and using my thumb to hold onto the digger, I retrieved the digger from the ground. BAD setup on the handle attachment to the digger. I have tried gluing the handle back on. Have not used the digger since I glued it back on... looking for a new digging tool.

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