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Lesche RS Digging Cutting Tool with Sheath

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Offered in Two Serration Versions Depending on How you Dig and What Hand you Use

Lesche RS Digging Cutting Tool with Sheath
Offered in Two Serration Versions Depending on How you Dig and What Hand you Use

This heavy duty digger will break through most soils and even small roots to retrieve your treasure. The digging tool has a comfortable rubber grip handle with hand guard plate. The hand guard plate is to protect your hand from sliding down on the digging part of the tool. Alloy steel blade is heat treated and tempered for long edge life and resists rust. Blade size: 2x7" and 11.5" overall. Includes a handy cordura belt holder with plastic insert for carrying.

The Lesche Digging tools are offered in two versions, (RS) for Right Serration and (LS) for Left Serration. Depending on how you dig and what hand you use, choose either an (RS) or (LS) depending on what side of the digger’s blade you want to be the primary blade side. Example: If you dig with your Right hand most Right-handed people will dig their plugs in a clockwise direction so you might choose the (LS) version if you want the serrations on the primary digging side or the (RS) if you prefer the non-serrated side as primary. For a Left-handed person if needed the serrations to be the primary side you would choose the (RS) because most Left-handed people tend to plug in a counter-clockwise direction. Bottom line is choosing the version that most closely fits your digging style.

Click Here for the LS Model with serration on left side of blade.

Lesche RS Digging Cutting Tool with Sheath


  • Blade Size : 2x7" and 11.5" Overall
  • Includes a Handy Cordura Belt Holder
  • RS Model, Serration on Right Side of Blade
  • Heat Treated and Tempered for Long Edge Life and Resists Rust

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A Top Quality Tool

Review by Jim C on October 27, 2014

This tool took the anxiety out of plug cutting for a beginner. The blade is aircraft steel so it can be thinner than an inferior grade of steel. The pointed tip and integral root cutter works great. The handle has not rotated or pulled away from the shaft. There is ample area to use your palm to help push down on the tool to sink it to the hilt in clay soil and thick sod. I sink it all the way and rock it back and forth, working my way around to cut the plug, pop the plug and it is usually about 5" deep before I even begin to dig in the hole. I was having a great deal of trouble cutting plugs and digging with the wrong tool, I didn't even want to hunt on the grass before I ordered this trowel. Now don't hesitate to go after a target that is 6" deep on a manicured lawn. It has truly exceeded my expectations.

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