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Outsol RinseKit Portable Shower

Sku: 1613-RKBLK2PK
Now Only: $89.99
Perfect Accessory for Metal Detecting at the Beach, Lake and at Muddy / Sandy Treasure Hunting Sites

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Outsol RinseKit Portable Shower
Perfect Accessory for Metal Detecting at the Beach, Lake and at Muddy / Sandy Treasure Hunting Sites

The RinseKit portable 2 gallon shower system is the perfect accessory for metal detecting at the beach, lake and at muddy / sandy treasure hunting sites. This self-pressurized shower system has no batteries, no pumping, and fills with water in 20 seconds by connecting to your household spigot and delivers a steady stream of water for up to four minutes.The RinseKit portable shower is great for washing off your feet after a hike, cleaning camping utensils after a meal, heck it even carries enough water so you can give you or your favorite pet a full body shower (soap not included)! The RinseKit comes with a Hose Nozzle, 6’ Hose, Hose Bib Adapter, On / Off Valve, and Quick Connect. Now you don’t have to wait to wash the salt water off your metal detector search coil or better yet the dirt and sand that can build up after a long metal detecting trip. Protect your investment with the Rinsekit shower system today!

Outsol RinseKit Portable Shower


  • 2 Gallon Pressure Chamber
  • Portable and Compact in Design
  • Spray Nozzle Offers Seven Different Settings
  • Delivers Pressurized Spray for up to 4 Minutes

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A Great Addition to My Beach Kit

Review by Colonel D on June 08, 2015

I used the RinseKit at St. Pete this past weekend, and in a phrase, "It was extremely convenient and worked like a champ."

As is my regular practice, I sprayed all the heavy sand off at the beach's shower point but as we know from experience, that never gets its all and then there's the walk back to the car. At the car, I pulled out the RinseKit to get the last of the sand off and found an important added bonus. Not only does the detachable lid serve to keep your feet from standing in the sand you're trying to wash off, but have you ever stepped bare foot on a hot parking lot? That painful experience is now a thing of the past courtesy of the RinseKit lid!

The pressurized water stream lasted more than long enough to clean my feet, shoes and the last of my equipment. It also had enough remaining to service my hunting partner, Treasure Hunter. When I got home, there was still pressurized water left in the tank. I drained about 2 pints of the water remaining before setting it up to dry out.

My Update Bottom Line: The RinseKit will definitely be part of my regular kit of beach going equipment. Keep in mind, it won't give you a prolonged shower, that would require a much larger/heavier tank that I really wouldn't want to tote to the beach! It will however definitely earn its way at the car allowing you to leave the last of that beach sand at the beach... you can bank on it from the voice of first hand experience!

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