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Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector

Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on May 26, 2009):
After receiving the E-TRAC in Feb. 09 and Andy's book, I found that with past knowledge of the hobby and help from members of and that this is truly a great detector. I wanted to wait and use the machine a few months before posting what I thought. Kellyco was able to take care of all my questions and from past orders I know they will always be there after the sale for any help needed. Anyone can get the detector and use the preset modes for hunting and can find treasure their first day out but I feel that unless you have someone to help you or if you have past use with an Explorer it is not for the beginner. You need time to learn the machine. If you are willing to take this time you will not regret buying this detector at all.

After about 30 or 40 hours I soon found what it was telling me from the sounds and display but was finding coins and other Civil War relics the first day. It just got better as time went by. The control pad is easy to understand and navigate. The depth is great with the 11'' Pro coil. I also have the 12x15" SEF and 6'' Q2. Each of these coils served a purpose in different hunting areas and they all have made great finds for me. I mostly hunt for coins and Civil War relics and find that the E-TRAC has done very well. In fact, it has almost paid for itself after just a few months of use.

In a yard that I've hunted with other machines and have had problems with nails (nulling), I found that the see through ability was true, finding a H.T&B. Manchester Confederate Eagle button worth $1115.00 the third month I had it not to include the coins, one of which was a 1835 Capped Bust (all mixed in with the nails and passed over by other machines, the E-TRAC still gave a good ID even in this trash). If the multi sounds are too much go to FE 2tone (only dig your high tone that fall into the good ID #'s) and then change as you get more used to the detector. If you do get the machine, you will not go wrong!
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