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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
I have been detecting for over 8 years. I started detecting in Germany while stationed overseas and my first detector was a Fisher CZ-6. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how to physically use the detector and another three months to figure out how to find good locations to hunt. Once I learned both things, I started finding some really incredible relics including medieval spurs, arrowheads, daggers, knives, silver coins, just to name a few. Before I returned to the States, I also purchased a White's detector to focus on finding coins. I moved back to the USA and continued detecting in Georgia, Virginia and Kansas using my Fisher. I also purchased a Nautilus detector to detect hunted out civil war camps. Although, I learned how to use both the White's and Nautilus, I still used my CZ-6 for most of my detecting. I was very successful finding buckles, box plates, thousands of minnies, and buttons including a rare Tennessee state using the Fisher.

Two years ago, I moved back to Germany and once again started detecting. I purchased a CZ-3D (which is very similar to the CZ-6) and have been hunting French Revolution camps and medieval roads near the house. Once again, I have found some very incredible finds including Roman coins, medieval daggers, arrow heads, knights spurs, Napoleonic buttons, just to name a few. I still use my Nautilus once in a while but I rely on my CZ-3D for most of my detecting.

The CZ-3D is in my opinion the best all around relic detector on the market. It is simple to use and does a good job discriminating good relics from junk. It is reliable and can find a variety of metal types including iron, silver, bronze, copper, gold, and tin. Some detectors are way too sensitive or discriminate too much. The CZ-3D is the happy medium that allows the detectorist to find good areas to hunt and then focus on close searching.