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Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector

Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on December 23, 2008):
I have been using the E-Trac for under a month but have to say it has really impressed me so far. Specifically in it's way to sift through iron fields and pull out coins. I mainly detect colonial thru mid-1800's homesteads and for anyone who has hit these types of sites, you know that most of the time you will find iron fields near where the home or barn sat. I've hunted with the Explorer SE for 2 years and have done pretty well hunting these types of sites, but I never had very good success in the actual iron fields. I'd find a coin or two but always felt there was more there hiding under the iron. Well after reading several field tests of the E-Trac, I specifically wanted to see how this detector would handle hunting in the many iron fields I've encountered.

After learning some of the ins and outs of the E-Trac, I purposely made the first 10 spots I detected with the E-Trac previous places that I felt I've "hunted to death". I chose these spots because they had mid-sized to large iron fields at them. The first site I went to I pulled a total 24 coins, 4 mercury dimes, 3 Indians, and lots of Wheaties all from a site I had already "hunted out". I was amazed, the next day I hit another "hunted" site for a quick half hour - 2 silver dimes and 5 Wheaties. I couldn't believe it. This went on and on - I couldn't believe I was finding coins in the iron patches. It felt like they were all new spots, I truly couldn't believe how this thing worked through the iron and gave me coin readings.

Anyway, needless to say - I am VERY please with my new E-Trac! The only thing that has slowed me down is the snow - but once it's gone I have another whole list of sites that I've hunted out. It's a whole new ballgame!