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Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
I have found it a delight to own a metal detector and be able to find any lost items of the past as well as the future. I have always wanted one and finally got a Bounty Hunter model for Christmas. Updated a month later to a Bounty Hunter Quick Silver.

Have really been happy with its performance so far. My grandson uses my older model and we have a blast together. I'm looking forward to the summer where we can expand our hunting into other areas. I am still learning and the forums have really been good for beginners.

I have seen the do's and don'ts of the various detectors and also the prices. For the money of the lesser models, the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver is doing pretty well. It picks up to the depth that I was told on some and seems to pick up a little more on others. Depending on the area I am in and the type of soil we are working with, the filtering seems to work well. I look forward to the future and when I can upgrade to the newer models with better tracking and pinpointing.

On the forums it seems everyone has a preference on name detectors and others are just as happy with the lesser name brands. Again I hope the summer will prove fruitful with finding items good enough that I can upgrade--and again the Bounty Hunter seems like a tough little machine--from finding coins next to a lake to old home places with old silver spoons.

I would recommend this Bounty Hunter Quick Silver to all beginners for its worth in the field as well as the price.