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Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on July 27, 2008):
The more I use it, the more I like it. I’m going from the threshold hunting analogs to a newer machine with digital target ID and silent search took a big leap of faith. I've had a lot of luck with my old analog White's but wanted to try a new machine and I'm happy to report, I'm NOT disappointed! It's been years since I've plucked nickels out of the ground as commonly as I do other clads. The ID on this detector is very reliable. Showing #32 on the digital display while knocking out the old style removable pull tabs. Pennies read a reliable #67-70 on the display and I choose to ignore those. Dimes are generally 70-73. I run it mostly in all metal discriminate modes with the 4" coil. Awesome! The detector is well built, lightweight and appears to be good on battery life. This is a great value.

My only complaints are:
There is a lack of a smooth finish on the bottom of the coil. The coarse texture (believe it or not) sticks to grass, especially the dry, freshly cut stuff. They should smooth out the bottom of the coil.
Pressing the pinpoint button a second time (to exit from all metal pinpoint mode) doesn't return you to the previous hunting mode.
The inability to save a custom notched mode. This is okay, because it probably kept the price of the detector within reason, so you have to press a few buttons. No big deal.

I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for these minor little annoyances. Pinpoint is excellent, with a little practice. Read the manual, it's very helpful by describing how to detune the detector to maximize pinpoint accuracy.
Overall, I am very happy. Haven't tried other new machines in the F4's price range, I can say it's the best, most bang for buck I have seen so far.
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