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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 23, 2008):
If you have ever used a metal detector for any length of time, then you have dug up a few hundred of those dreaded "pull tabs"!

Since the invention of these small metal quick to open can lids our city parks and school yards have been plagued by them. A metal detector today (like my White's M6) can eliminate them by using the machines discrimination or notch controls but in doing so you might also miss a gold coin or ring. I wouldn't want to miss a gold coin so I hunt in all metal or a low discrimination I don't mind digging trash if I can pull a gold ring or coin out of what other people call a worked out area.

Detectors of the twenty first century are so advanced they can almost tell you what your machine has found how deep it is and exactly where it's at in the ground. In comparison to machines of old it would be like trying to compare a model T. Ford to a Lincoln. Each year manufacturers bring out at least one new model that can go deeper than the one before it.

On a pleasure trip to North Carolina in 2002, I found a ring (on the outer banks at the waters edge) when the tide was out. This ring could pay for all the detectors that I have bought, if my wife would ever give it up. I find them, and she wears them; those are the rules. When my daughter was still living at home, she had her own collection of jewelry that I found.