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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 18, 2008):
First, let me set my point of reference. I am new to the world of MD, even though I have wanted to try for the longest time. I did a basic amount of research before buying White's Prism V. I ended up leaning heavily on the salesperson's recommendation when I bought.

However, I found that I was having a problem with ground mineralization in my area and the PV did not have any ground balancing features. So, I traded up from the Prizm V to the M6.

For the additional money, the additional features are well worth it. The M6 is powerful for its class yet as simple to use as they come. The MD has an auto ground balancing feature with the ability to lock the balance or set for salt / beach mode.

The discrimination and the sensitivity are knob controls, so no digital menu nightmares. The tone id is basic in search mode, but also offers a multi tone mode with pairs nicely with your discrimination level. The all-metal mode gets louder and higher pitched as you pinpoint, a great help to someone who is a newbie.

The tone id and all metal / pp mode are on the "trigger" so that it is always within reach. The machine itself is noticeably heavier than the PV, but not so heavy as to fatigue you when you are searching all day. The M6 appears to "find the deep ones" but I have no other frame of reference than the PV (perhaps other manufacturers are better / worse but I do not know).

I am sure there are better MD's, cheaper MD's and more featured MD's, but for a newbie, the M6 is a winner.

It can’t get any easier than turning it on, pumping the coil a few times and listening to the tones. Perhaps, some day I'll regret not going with the DFX or the MXT with their features and flexibility, but for now, I'm happy learning the hobby and digging up my fair share of coins.