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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 16, 2008):
I purchased a White's M6 in March, 2007. The M6 is really easy to use - put the batteries in, set the two dials to the recommended settings put the toggle in the ON position and go. I planted a penny, nickel, dime, and a quarter in my yard and tested the M6 the day after I bought it. I was ready to go!

During my first year of detecting with the M6, I found 7,141 coins consisting of: 4,626 pennies, 849 nickels, 1,017 dimes, 634 quarters, 3 halves, 11 new dollar coins and 1 Ike dollar (the count does not include the many foreign coins I found). In addition, I found 70 rings (only 5 gold & 1 silver, the rest costume rings), numerous silver earrings, a couple silver necklaces, two gold necklaces, a couple silver pendants, two silver toe rings, and several gold pendants plus around a hundred other pieces of costume jewelry.

Many people would like the tone ID feature but the single tone suits me just fine. When the M6 says the target is a quarter or a half, it will be correct 99% of the time (a large washer can fool it). The new dollar coins are a little tricky. They bounce around between a quarter and a half but are always a welcome surprise. I'm even able to now tell when it's a dime vs. a penny when it says penny/dime, the signal has a slight quiver when it's a dime. Nickels are another story. There are too many junk items that read the same. I did manage to dig up 849 nickels so you can only imagine how much junk I had to dig to find that many! Remember, if you don't dig the nickels you won't find the gold. The oldest wheat pennies I have found are a 1909 plain and a 1909 vdb.

My wife has the silver ring, a gold religious medallion and a pretty locket; all courtesy of the M6.

I normally only detected school & parking lots so I didn't really expect to find old silver coins. This year I will be asking permission to hunt in some old places that I've found in my travels and, hopefully, I will find some old silver. The M6 paid for itself in the first year.
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