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Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2008):
The Garrett Ace 150 is a beginner level detector and sells for about $150. The Ace 150 is a very easy detector to use and is great for a beginner or first time detectorist. The Ace 150 is very lightweight (about 3 pounds) and is pretty durable. When I first got my Ace 150 I was able to turn it on, do a quick bench test, and start detecting. I quickly found 3 dimes and a quarter!

What I like about the Ace 150 is the big LCD screen. The LCD screen shows the mode, sensitivity, and the depth chart. The Ace 150 also has touch pad buttons. I also like the Ace 150's three levels of Tone ID. The Tone ID definitely is a time saver. It helps save time because the Ace 150 will emit a different tone when it has detected a good target or a bad target. This way you spend more time hunting good targets and less time hunting trash. I also found pinpointing to be pretty easy with the Ace 150. All you have to do is make an "X" pattern with the detector and the target should be directly in the middle. This does take some practice but once you get it you will be finding targets within a couple of centimeters. I think that a pinpointing button would make this a lot easier.

What I don't really like about the Ace 150 is that the depth meter is not the most reliable feature on the Ace 150. One time I hit a target that read at 4 inches. After a lot of digging, I eventually found a dime at about 6 inches. With the Ace 150, I found about $3 in change, a silver necklace chain and a couple of chunks of metal. The Ace 150 takes very little time to tune and get used to making it one of the best beginner detectors there are. I give the Ace 150 4 stars because it lacks a pinpointing button, but overall this is a great detector!
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