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Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector with 10" Search Coil

Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector with 10" Search Coil

Product Review (submitted on April 12, 2008):
I have been metal detecting off and on for 40 years and have used a number of different detectors during that time. Six months ago, I decided to get a Minelab Excalibur for ocean beach and water hunting. Most detectors use only one or two frequencies in the circuitry where the Excalibur uses 17 frequencies to better determine target identity, help eliminate reaction to wet sand and salt water and get better depth. Many of the detectors that I have used have had a metering system of some sort which gave information on target identity and depth. The Excalibur does not have a meter and relies on audio tones for target identification. It takes a good amount of practice to be able to recognize the sounds of good targets as opposed to sounds of trash and I have not mastered this yet.

The controls are simple and straightforward to use. There are five knobs and once they are initially set for use, only two have to be used for most hunting situations. The first knob is for switching from discrimination mode to all-metal mode for pin pointing or relic hunting. The second knob is the on - off switch and audio threshold control. The third is to set the audio volume of the target signal. Knob four sets the sensitivity of the detector, which in most cases can be left in the Auto mode but can be turned to manually reduce sensitivity. The last knob is used to set the discrimination level. In most beach hunting, the lowest setting will be needed to blank out iron objects and still give signals for non-ferrous targets.

Once the detector is set up, you only need to turn it on, set the threshold with one knob and hunt. When a target is located then the pinpoint knob is used if needed to locate the object. In the short time that I have used the Excalibur over the past six months, I do not have much more than a good number of modern coins to show for my time. I have not had an opportunity to get into the surf where all the "good stuff” is.