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Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 12, 2008):
Last year I bought a Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector. I had bought a VLF from Bounty Hunter and decided to upgrade a bit without spending a lot of cash.

Anyway, the first time I used it I found a dime about 2 in. down, but when I picked up the detector it didn't work!! I returned it and got another one with no hassles. I spent everyday that I could outdoors hunting. This machine is very easy to use. You can pretty much turn it on and go and get some nice results. I used it almost everyday and I found over $100 in coins, some silver, but mostly clad, at least 12 silver rings, and one 1800s gold ring, and an Indian Head penny dated 1862.

What I like about this machine is that you can turn off certain metals with the touch of a button, and you can get some good depth too. I have found pennies over 8 in. deep with a strong tone. What I also like about the QS is the open coil spider coil, which helps to pinpoint where the object may be. It has 3 different depth controls low, medium, and deep. What I don't like about the QS is that when you eliminate certain metals you have to do it in the order that they are displayed on the LCD. You can’t search for just iron and coins you have to search for all metals to do so.
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