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Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2008):
The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver detector is a great starter model for just about anyone new to this exciting hobby. It works great right out of the box and it's backed up a by a solid five year guarantee. Its light weight and adjustable stem make it a real comfort to swing for hours on end.

I chose the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver solely on its price. Some years ago, I had a chance encounter with a detectorist in the Wyoming's Wind River Mountains. He was using a detector made by an Australian company and showed me his impressive successes in finding gold. I was instantly intrigued with metal detecting.

But when I learned how much the guy paid for his metal detector, I was just a little disheartened. Sometime later I did find the Quick Silver on sale at a local sporting goods store and I couldn't resist it. I got out into the local neighborhoods and park areas right away and began to find lots of lost change and inexpensive jewelry. But you know what, pretty soon it all starts to add up! Soon enough I found several rings that were later bought by a local pawnbroker and they together were worth several times more than what I paid for my new detector.

The Quick Silver is a quality rig. Its greatest value is in its simplicity. While many claim it's too simple and a real trash-hound, I disagree. I found in metal detecting, like so many other things in life, that to get to the real treasure, you have to be willing to sift through the trash. I also found in metal detecting you have to be a patient person. Good things come to those who wait is an especially true axiom in metal detecting.

I have found the Quick Silver's ease of setup and use to be real helpful in using it and showing others how use it as well. I believe metal detectors speak their own language and it's up to the detectorist to learn the machine's language and ALL of its nuances. And like anything else, that takes practice, lots of it to get good.

The Quick Silver makes that practice so easy.