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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2008):
After spending thousands of dollars on detectors, I finally found the one that has it all. It is lightweight and very easy to use. It also has the best discrimination and PINPOINTS LIKE A DREAM. The tones are a pleasure to listen to. Also, one of the many great improvements of this machine is the great depth you get even on factory presets. The Fisher CZ-3D is a work horse. It is built tough, has much longer battery life, and has several coils that love coins that are deep and out of reach of other machines. I have had good luck with the 10.5" coil IN TRASH! It discriminates and separates that well.

The 8" coil is great for any hunting and goes just as deep as the Explorer SE 10" coil and that is in factory presets! It is so easy to use. You just turn your disc. low or off and then listen to the sounds of targets as you go over them. Try to get the high tones to hit every direction if they do not move on. Coins hit every direction. Another great thing about the CZ-3D is you can watch the meter as you slowly sweep over a target were it goes on the scale. Once you know the range of coins you got it made. Did I mention that the CZ-3D is a killer on nickels? Well, I can brag the Fisher CZ-3D up all I want because I love the machine and have the finds to prove it.
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