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Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 9, 2008):
I have always had a fascination with treasure. It is out there, you just need the tools. I used to have a GTAX 550 until I broke my back and damaged my sciatic nerve. Now, I have an Ace 150, which my children use. It is a good detector for the beginner and my kids use it for coins around the park and ball fields. Before my injury we would go into the hills (Black Hills) and nugget hunt with the 550, which in my opinion was wonderful!

The Black Hills is famous for its history, and it’s gold! The mines are all closed up now but the mother load is still out there according to the old timers. French Creek is where gold was first discovered in the hills, and I have had luck panning down stream, I could only wish to have a detector like this White’s. I’ve seen a demo of it at Black Hills Prospectors (which is no longer open), and the depth and discrimination of this model is outstanding!

I was very impressed, being a Garrett user for years I could only imagine how it would work in the field. There are a few sites that I would love to take the kids, Fort Meade is one. General Custer camped here before heading out to his last battle, Little Bighorn. I'm sure if I still had my 550, the kids and I could unearth a lot of history. The Ace 150 just does not have what it takes to search the depth of most relics, but is fine for coin shooting, which is what the kids use it for.

So, I can wish to have a detector such as this White’s DFX not so much for myself, but so my kids can really find something from the past, from days gone by buried for years, just waiting to be unearthed.
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