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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 8, 2008):
I really like my Garrett Ace 250. I have had some success locating coins with it. The LCD screen is great and very easy to use. What really impresses me the most about the 250 is how accurate the coin depth feature is. If the depth indicator reads 6 inches, that coin or metallic item will be in that 6 inch range. Another feature that that I like about the 250, is the sensitivity indicator. This feature enables me to know exactly where to dig by pushing the pinpoint button. The mode feature is also user friendly. This feature allows me to set what I wish to detect. I can look for just jewelry or relics. Usually, I set the mode to coins. What’s also very unique about the 250 is the different tones it makes letting me know if I found a copper penny or a silver coin. It even lets me know if I found a pop can top, but I still dig it up just to make sure that's what is and it's mostly always right. Just recently I went to southern Florida and I disassembled my Ace 250 and took it with.

I had an opportunity to do some detecting on the beaches around Ft. Lauderdale. I had hoped to find some old Spanish coins but had no success. I did manage to find modern coins and had fun detecting in Florida. This summer I'm going to travel to the Dakotas and check out some old ghost towns. I really like my Ace 250 and recommend this detector to anyone interested in detecting especially if you're a beginner. For the price I paid it is well worth it. I have only been detecting for about two years and found the Ace 250 to help me detect like a pro.
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