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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 8, 2008):
I am fairly new to metal detecting and drawn by the prospect of finding coins and relics. I wanted to start with a cost effective model and after finding treasure eventually upgrade. I researched a few models and talked to a few seasoned vets and most said this was a great model to start with. The price range was great and the learning curve was very easy to adjust to. After a few quick trips out to heavily visited river edges and beaches, I felt like I was a seasoned pro with my Quick Draw II. I learned the distinguishing beeps and sounds and could easily adjust the discrimination levels of detection depending on "trash" areas, old work sites, homesteads, iron ore beds and more. I liked that the sounds were much different and easy to decipher what I may be hovering over.

It seemed so easy and fun. Soon my Dad joined me with a much pricier model for some quality time. While his $1300 model may have the digital display and fine tuning mechanisms to hone in and really detect what type of metal we are coming across, we always utilize my $200 Quick Draw II to pinpoint the location and bring in our find field much closer to the target. It’s quite amazing. On our trips our typical finds with this detector are coins and trash items, such as cans, bottle tops, tabs, and the like. But we have found quite a few coins, and recently found (2) 1854 dimes, and an 1853 quarter in an area that had been scoured by many detectors before. I enjoy this detector and its learning qualities for the hobby so much that we bought my brother the same model to learn with. Metal Detecting is a great family hobby that is rewarding!
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