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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 8, 2008):
After at least two years of studying and researching different metal detectors, I finally decided on a Garrett Ace250 for my first detector. I was hesitant to purchase it as I didn't know what to really get for a beginner. This particular detector has capabilities even for the intermediate and expert as well as the novice. The smallest thing I have found to date is a BB approximately four inches deep. I have found in the same area, a Girl Scout pendant approximately two inches down, as well as several coins. Currently, I am searching on an old homestead with a partner, and we have found, approximately twelve inches deep, an old wood stove top in relic mode. We have also found bits of plow shares and wagon wheel hubs. The most interesting piece I have found is the bullet and shell casing I had shot the year before while deer hunting with a .375 H&H rifle that is used for hunting dangerous big game in Africa.

I like the notch system of being able to discriminate certain metals out as well as the way of adjusting the sensitivity up or down. This helps a lot as I like to search mostly in the relic and coin modes. Being able to customize the settings, makes it easier to detect what I'm looking for in my search area. I just recently learned about how iron metal can give off a "halo" cast from the rust on it and will go off in the coin area of the detector. I would recommend this detector for any one from beginning novice to expert.
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