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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 8, 2008):
This is my third metal detector. I bought my first one; think it was a 1986 Garrett from a pawn shop and even though it was not a very good one, I am sure at that time I didn't know a good one from a bad one but it gave me that spark to proceed. I later bought a Garrett Ace 250 and "wow" what a difference. Even though this is a low price detector it is very good and again I was hooked into getting something even better. The sound of the reviews that I read about the Fisher CZ-3D really interested me and I researched it as much as possible and came to the conclusion this was a very good detector with the power to find old coins deeper that most comparably priced detectors.

I bought the detector about nine months ago and I am very glad I did. Even though it easy to operate with an all metal phase with good signal volume; it still takes some "getting used to" with the other three phases and also has a "salt" phase that is great for wet sandy beaches. I use this a lot when I am at Daytona Beach, FL. and have found a couple hundred coins in just a few times out. All total I’d say I have found several hundred coins and to date three rings, a couple of bracelets and numerous miscellaneous metal objects. However this has not quelled my desire.

I still get a "rush" on every signal and even though the "Fisher" tells you almost exactly what you are going to dig up; you will get a pleasant surprise from time to time and occasionally a disappointment but I have never regretted my purchase of my Fisher CZ-3D and I haven't counted it up yet but I do believe it has paid for itself. I know that it has as far as satisfaction is concerned. I am going out again tomorrow and who knows what the next signal will bring?
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