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Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on July 13, 2019):
I believe the mixed reviews are due more to the fact that the detector ships with an 11" coil. I've been detecting for 40 years and had my hands on many units as well as options. I knew before ordering that the 11" coil probably was not going to work well for me, as I do mostly coin hunting. After receiving the unit and testing it in my own yard (which I have seeded with coins), I was right. It was very difficult to pinpoint coins and identify them correctly. Small deep coins did best, whereas larger shallow were pinging as huge. I immediately ordered the 6" coil, and it was back to normal operation with all the niceties of the upgraded technology. The 800 quickly outperformed any of my older detectors. And no, the 6" does not increase the swinging or reduce the ground coverage compared to the average 8" coil provided with many other detectors. Another note, with the 6" coil you can (and should) increase the sensitivity up to about 15-20 with no problems and you will see better performance than other detectors. I have found no reason to change any other settings other than the number of tones, which I prefer 5 to mimic my older detectors (my brain is used to 5).

With regard to KellyCo's service, it was outstanding. Faster than Amazon (can I say that on here?) !! It shipped out the same day and was at my door 2 days later (I chose FedEx Residential). The 6" coil was even faster - shipped same day, arrived the next. Wow. I was also surprised that with the detector KellyCo modified the "free extras" and included several other bags and a nice serrated digger. Nice!

I'm quite confident that anyone new to the hobby can utilize this detector in its default modes and be very successful. For advanced users, you won't find yourself piddling with all the options, as Minelab has it pretty well fine-tuned. You will change a couple and leave them there. If you're like most advanced users, you're buying it for the MultiIQ benefits anyway. Save the 11" coil for relic hunting, and get the 6" for coining. You'll be set. And read the manual ! There are quite a few small key points to know that will help you a great deal in the field, i.e. how pinpoint works by improving after each swing over the target. Enjoy !
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