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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 4, 2008):
When I first started this hobby my first detector was one of those models from radio shack. I found a few coins and whole lot of junk with it. I wasn't very impressed. Then a few months later a friend of mine let me borrow one he had. It was a Garrett model and this thing was a big hit. I found coins and relics. I have used it for years. I thought he had forgotten about it until about two months ago. Well, there I was stuck with no metal detector.

So I went online and looked at a lot of models. My friend called me one day and told me about I went and checked them out. Wow!!! They have so many different models to choose from. Then I saw the Garrett models and looked at the Ace 250 and was very impressed, and for the money it wouldn't break the bank account. I went online and looked at a lot of reviews. There were a lot of good positive reviews about the Ace 250. I went to Kellyco and ordered the Ace 250. Plus, it came with a lot of accessories. I couldn't wait till it came. It took only two days. Wow! That was fast!

I took it out of the box and thought very nice. It came with directions but, I didn't need it because it was very easy to put together. I played the DVD that it came with and it was very helpful. I took it out in the yard and turned it on. Beep! Beep! Beep! It's on and now for the moment of truth. I scan over the yard and got a nice signal. I looked at the screen and it said penny at four inches. I dug a round plug and put it to the side. I ran the Ace 250 over the plug and got a signal. I looked though the plug and found the penny. It was a 1922 Indian head. I went over the whole yard and found a lot of coins. And let me tell you the pin point on the Ace 250 is so sweet. It puts the target right in the middle of the coil. And I love the five settings on the Ace 250. If you want to hunt just coins, then just set it on coins only.

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