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White's GMT Metal Detector

White's GMT Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 3, 2008):
I can't tell you how many forum posts inquire what kind of mid priced metal detector prospecting enthusiasts should purchase for finding all types of gold.

The White's GMT was designed to do just that!

With a price that won't break your bank the GMT is a highly praised instrument. Equipped with headphone jack, external speaker and easy to read LCD screen the GMT is the perfect tool in the arsenal of the modern prospector. It is extremely sensitive to small gold so it allows you to find placer pockets and follow placer pay streaks with it's low profile, narrow, 5" by 10" DD coil. A unique quality of the GMT is to analyze potential gold targets by analyzing target iron content.

A lower percentage of iron in a reactive target raises the probability it's gold! The GMT will follow those black sand deposits so important to the prospector and analyze their iron content and alert you when there is gold! I have detected gold down to half a flake with my GMT and the it goes wild for single pickers. Troubled by those nasty hot rocks your GMT will help identify them and reduce your digging.

The ability to analyze iron content also make the GMT a great meteorite hunter. In the middle of a black rock strewn lava field near Stanton, Arizona I found my first meteorite as big a a lime. Another troublesome condition facing the prospector is ground balancing in high iron content soils. The GMT was designed to compensate for these conditions and excels.

I have used the GMT in the gold rush area of Northern California and as far North as the Nome region of Alaska and found the GMT quite at home in those high mineralized soils. Incorporating automatic or manual tuning features make the GMT a gold grabbing machine with excellent sensitivity to all sizes of gold with an easy to understand control box with startup presets.

The GMT is also economic to operate as you can receive up to 40 operation hours on 8 AA batteries that slide in and out of the control.