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Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 3, 2008):
I purchased the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector as my first detector. I had always been an outdoors person and loved exploring. I chose the Ace 150 because of its cheap price, selling around $150, and its big easy to read digital LCD screen. When I received the Ace 150 I quickly watched the included instructional DVD.

Even though the Ace 150 is one of the most affordable metal detectors out there it out preforms like many detectors 3 times its cost. The Ace 150 is very light to hold and I even was able to pack it in my luggage! The Ace 150 has a pretty cool LCD screen that shows the coin depth, coin modes and sensitivity. Another great thing about the Ace 150 is the Tone ID feature. The Tone ID feature helps identify different metal objects. When the detector is over a coin the Ace 150 will beep differently than when it is over a pull tab or scrap. The depth meter is pretty accurate but is not always correct. The size of the object being detected sometimes screws with the LCD indicator. It may show a coin at 6 inches, when its actually only 2 inches down.

With the Ace 150 I found about 200 coins and some old relics. The Ace 150 is a great detector for a first time detectorist or part time hobbyist, who wants a very cheap, easy to use detector with cool features. I would give the Ace 150 four stars!
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