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Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2008):
After months of mulling over purchasing a metal detector, I finally decided on the Minelab X-Terra 30. I imagined the excitement of finding something valuable like a diamond ring, a rare coin or a gold necklace. What I found with my new metal detector was something far more valuable--a hobby that allows me to bond with my 33-year-old daughter.

"Dad, it's here!", my daughter exclaimed with delight. I believe that she had been looking forward to the arrival of the metal detector almost as much as I was. I had never really seen her so excited over one of my hobbies. Woodworking had never interested her and mechanic work... forget it. This was totally different. She ripped open the box and started to examine all the contents. As I started to read the manual, she asked, "Well, are we going to take this out and give it a whirl?" I laughed with amusement and explained that I needed to at least read the manual. I was very surprised to learn just how easy the X-Terra was going to be to use. Finally I was ready to set out on a treasure hunt.

With my new X-Terra and digging tools in tow I started out the door. "Hey, wait for me!" my daughter shouted. I couldn't believe that she would venture out into the cold just to treasure hunt; however, she bundled up and headed out with me. As we searched I explained to her how the X-Terra would signal when a metallic substance was detected and how the pitch of the sound would give clues as to what type of metal was detected. Even as I spoke the detector picked up something. "WOO HOO!!! We found something!!", she shouted. I stepped back and my daughter began to dig frantically, anxious to unearth our first treasure. I watched with amazement as she smiled while searching though the dirt. Seeing her so excited at the prospect of finding "treasure" took me back many years ago to when she was a child. I could just see her bouncing through the house on Christmas morning with that same look of excitement as she tore open her gifts.
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