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White's GMT Metal Detector

White's GMT Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2008):
Some women lose their husbands to other women, others to professional sports like football. Well back in the early seventies I felt like I was losing my husband to his new hobby metal detecting.

If he wasn't working or at home, which wasn't that often in the summer, he was always out metal detecting. He would come home day after day showing me what he had found that day. With stories about how he had almost missed a coin because it was so deeply buried or maybe because it was setting on edge and he wasn't getting a good signal.

When the bitter cold of winter set in and he was know longer able to use his detector he was like like a little boy who had lost his best friend. Through the winter I devised a plan that I thought would get us back together again in the summer.

I thought if you can't beat them join them! Unknown to him I took the coins and jewelry he had found that summer cashed them in and bought my own detector.

Thirty years ago detectors weighed six or seven pounds that didn't sound like much but within three hours my shoulder was killing me and I had to call it quits. As I walked off that grassy field I saw that I told you so look on my husband face. However the next day I was back out there even if I was sore.

By summer's end I could stay out as long as he did. Today most detectors are only two to three pounds. Until my husband had a stroke thirty years later up until then we were a common sight around town swinging our detectors.

We enjoyed coin hunting the best and have found that what they say about a place never being hunted out is true. We have come back to parks or old school yards years after we thought they were cleaned out and found more coins and jewelry. Until he had a stroke we bought a new detector whenever a new model came out.