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Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 30, 2008):
I first found the Ace 150 online with Kellyco. The sporty design, toughness of the coil and excellent reviews let me know it would be an awesome entry level detector. I ordered it from Kellyco's website and it came by UPS within 3-5 days!! I was so excited to see the box; it was like being a kid on Christmas morning. I quickly opened it to discover Kellyco had included a trowel, headphones, and treasure finding book for free!!! Then, I quickly and easily opened the detector and put it together within 15 minutes! It was amazing to see such an affordable detector that looked so good. Examining the controls, it was so user friendly with yellow push buttons. All I had to do was push on and go!! The easily readable controls allowed me to set for the kind of items I wanted. Being a coin collector, I set up the factory default which was perfect for finding coins.

My first run, I took it out in the front yard and within the first 20 minutes I had solid coin tone, looking at the LCD I saw the depth was 2 inches and indicated coins!! I then targeted and started digging to find a Canadian cent!! Even more amazing, I found a U.S. penny five inches over! At first, the display and tones would go crazy, then I began to read about setting your controls for different environments. I soon learned that I was living in a "highly mineralized" environment which meant I had to tune down my sensitivity settings. Upon doing so, I immediately heard a solid jewelry tone and LCD reading. My mind was racing thinking about the potential for a ring or a bracelet. Then I began to target it so I would know exactly where to dig by using the x method. This involved swinging my coil in an X pattern, which worked like a charm! The moment of truth, I broke out my trowel and proceeded to dig for a good ten minutes and there it was... It wasn't a coin and it wasn't jewelry either. Upon pulling out a triangle like piece of metal with writing on it, on the top appeared a brass plate.
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