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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 29, 2008):
Garret Ace 250. A detector with only 3 or 4 stars? Yet, I recommend the machine? For the price, the decision is not tough. I've been detecting and looking for coins for 50 years. I've found that coins when lost, average about an inch of depth for every 10 years. In an oak grove where the grass just does not grow that much, I've found Indian Head Pennies almost on the surface. Basically its a darn good starting machine.

Bells and whistles are fun and they add to the excitement of 'gold fever'. I don't want to dig needless deep holes and move the dirt around, mixing up parts of a silver tie clasp with the stones falling off and hard to find. But, when you are in front of a store front where the sidewalk has been torn up, us "old timers" want an accurate machine. You want a good pin-pointing machine that will get you every coin. You take the soil off in layers. I've gone down to wooden boardwalks. At that point with low discrimination, you want a fast durable machine recovering every target.

No confusion, just the recovery of items decades lost. Everything you need is here, depth, target and tone ID. Sensitivity is developed by one of the leaders in technology, with years of experience. Now an important feature, Touch and GO operation. If you have permission to detect in an area of construction where side walk is being replaced, there isn't time to get fussy with features. OK you want to upgrade your machine in a year or two. Do not get rid of this machine! The more features there are the more chance something goes wrong. Look in the trunk of the car of someone that has covered a lot of ground. They want a proven back up. In the situations I've just described they want this machine first! Garrett Ace 250!