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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 25, 2008):
I own the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. So let’s face it, everyone isn't cut out to swing a metal detector all day long. Even though these new generations of detectors are light, well balanced, and easy to use; if the sight of an old shiny silver coin you found buried in the ground doesn't excite you, then you probably won't enjoy metal detecting. When I started detecting, you first had to read a ten page, confusing, start up manual. This was before you could just turn the machine on! A lot of the machines today are made so that even a newbie can turn their machines on. You can start hunting after familiarizing yourselves with an easy to understand and short manual. From the old six or seven pound detector I started out with, they're down to two to three pounds today.

Some of the machines made years ago didn't have a meter, which made it hard for a lot of people to use them. Listening to the audio was the only way you knew when your detector was over metal. As your experience with your machine grew, you would start to hear different tone pitches for all the different types of metal in the ground. By burying different coins, I learned the sound they make. Silver coin machines today all have meters that tell you what you're digging and even how deep it is. When I first started detecting I couldn't believe how much junk metal there was in my backyard. Sometime in the past everyone in town must have drank beer in my yard. I found at least three pounds of pull tabs, but after I had them dug up I started finding coins. Whenever a new generation of detectors comes out, I try to buy one. My wife isn't real happy about me buying a new one every year, but she doesn't mind wearing the jewelry I have found. I found a large silver brooch on her family’s old homestead; I bet you can guess who has it now.
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