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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 22, 2008):
The White's M6 electronics is one of the easiest to use high power detector for the professional and the novice to use. I found this detector to be very powerful and fast to setup for coin hunting. I have been using detectors or over 40 years and I have used most of the brands of detectors. The M6 has the same power as the White's MXT and goes just as deep MXT. This detector is very stable at high sensibility. This is very important for finding the old and deep coins. The best thing the M6 has is the seven tones for different metals.

This feature is very useful for hunting coins at night and you also have the ID meter and tones to help identify good items in the ground. One thing I like about the M6 is the ground balance control. All you have to do is point the coil in the air; click the switch to air, and you will get a beep. The next thing is to put the coil on the ground that is clean of metal, set the switch to ground, and hear a beep. Now this is one way I ground balance the M6. I set the switch to auto ground and the detector will ground balance itself. Now how simple can it get.

With the M6 you can use all the coils for the MXT and DFX. You will have a lot of coils to choose from. I like the 6 inch coil for hunting coins. The super 12 coil will detect very old and very deep coins.

One big secret is that the M6 is a very capable relic and gold detector. The super 12 and the 14 inch coil is what I use for relic hunting. I use the 6 inch and super 12 coils for gold. As with any detector if it is fun to use it will be used a lot.

The M6 is easy for the novice to use and powerful enough for the professional. This detector is nearly a do all detector.