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Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on July 11, 2008):
The F4 is a new metal detector for Fisher Metal Detectors. It has a high quality gold anodized (adjustable height) shaft with a comfortable arm cup which reduces fatigue and lets you hunt longer. F4 comes with 2 outstanding search coils, the brand new 11” Double DD deep searching coil and an 8” concentric search coil for general treasure hunting. The LCD screen has all the information to identify your targets. It has target ID numbers from 0-99 to help you recognize many different types of targets. With a little practice in the field, you will learn to associate target values with the ID numbers as well as the 11 Icons on the top of the screen. Example: Silver objects will have a greater value while iron and pull tabs will have a lower value.

Ground balancing (to search on any type of soil) is fairly easy to do. Press the All Metal/Auto Tune touch pad, raise and lower the coil near the ground then adjust the ground knob until you no longer have any sound. You can discriminate out iron signals by simply pressing the PreSet DISC mode and also reject pull tabs and screw caps by using Notch Touch Pad. When used in All-Metal search mode and Target Discriminate search mode you will get both audio and visual target identification. I took the F4 and searched my test ground in one very clean location and found a nickel at 5 inches, a penny at 3 inches and another at 1 inch. I was pleased with these finds considering how many other detectors were also tested in this area.

The power source is only 2-9 volt batteries that can give you approximately 20 to 25 hours of detecting. The F4 has a single 6.8 KHZ frequency that will give you good depth up to 12 inches on a quarter with the 11” DD search coil and up to 9.5” with the 8” coil. Also available to use on the F4 are the optional 4” Gold Nugget coil for gold nuggets and smaller gold and silver coins and jewelry as well as the 10” Magnum coil. I would rate this detector 4 Stars.
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