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Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector with 6.5" Search Coil

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector with 6.5" Search Coil

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2008):
The Gold Bug 2 is an easy to assemble, light weight unit that uses two drop in 9 volt batteries. It comes with a 10" elliptical coil and there are 14" and a 6" interchangeable coils that can be purchased separately. The 14" coil searches deeper, but doesn't pick smallest gold as well as the other coils. The 6" picks up very small pieces of gold, but does not go over 4 or 5 inches deep. It is good to use where bedrock is shallow. One of the benefits of the elliptical coil is that you can use the heal or toe to pinpoint as this is the most sensitive part of the coil. There is a carrying case that is available to protect the detector.

One of the main problems in most gold bearing areas are "hot rocks" or high mineralization. The Gold Bug 2 has a switch to put it in "high mineralization" setting. Remember to check your ground balance when you switch from normal to high or low. There is a small adjustment you must make. If " hot rocks" are present in the area and are causing problems, try setting your ground balance over the "hot rock", this will eliminate the signal.

This detector also has an iron discrimination switch you can turn on when hunting in real trashy areas. Headphones should always be used because they allow you to hear even faint signals that would be lost in the wind or outside noise. There is an audio boost mode, that will amplify the faint targets sounds without amplifying the loud constant sounds.

The Gold Bug 2 operates at a frequency of 71 khz. This high operating frequency makes it very sensitive to small gold nuggets and it also means that most other detectors will not cause interference with it. This is a good medium level priced detector for finding gold nuggets. It would work alright hunting on a beach, but is not a good machine for coin hunting. I have had my Gold Bug 2 for seven or eight years. It is an enjoyable gold nugget detector to use without spending three or four thousand of dollars for a pricey detector.