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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2008):
In September 2007, I purchased a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. I wanted to join the metal detecting hobby (it is a hobby for me, not a profession) and I needed a machine that was easy to use, accurate, and would not cost an arm and a leg. Therefore I took a trip to Kellyco, which is only 70 miles away, and purchased my first machine. Since I knew very little about metal detecting, I purchased the Ace 250 with the Deluxe Sport Package. I wanted the larger search coil and some of the tools of the trade. This purchase was also a do or die purchase. If I did not buy it then, I never would have bought it. I had already read Charles Garrett’s: “How to Find Lost Treasure” book and had some ideas of where I wanted to go searching. Like all new toys, I put it together before fully reading the owner’s manual. But that came a real close second along with watching the DVD for the Ace 250. There was so much information in such a small book, I said to myself “could this be as good as they were saying?”

My level of enthusiasm was much greater than my motivation, so after looking at my Ace 250 in its carrying case (or storage case) for some time, I finally picked it up and walked out the door to a local park walking distance away. With all my tools of the trade in my car, in minutes I’m there, scoping out the small park, trying to visualize where the large diamond ring would be. So it was time to put the headset on and turn my magic money making machine on. I told myself I must not be discouraged if I do not find what I want to find. After all, a metal detector detects all metals! The controls on the Ace 250 are easy to understand, especially after reading and viewing the DVD two or three times. Now what did the book say: Use the All-Metal Mode for the first ten hours or so, do not get discouraged and dig every target! Walk slowly but not to slow and swing the metal detector in a straight line, not a curve. So much to remember, so much fortunes to uncover.
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