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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2008):
I spend as much time as possible searching for coins, relics, and jewelry with my Garrett Ace 250. Here in Michigan time for enjoying this hobby is limited due to the weather. It is now mid March and I'm itching to get out and search for some more buried treasure. I've been at this hobby for the better part of seven years now; and enjoy it as much today as when I first started. The Garrett Ace 250 is the second detector that I have owned. I love the controls and features of this detector. I find it is one of the easiest detectors to operate that I have owned or used.

I have found approximately three hundred dollars in clad coins. I have found two rare coins in particular. The first is an 1842 penny in excellent condition. I found it near a school yard that once was part of farm for over a hundred years. This penny was found at a depth of about six inches in hard clay. The second coin was a 1942 walking half dollar. This coin also is in excellent condition. It was found near a baseball diamond and was down only about four inches in hard gravel.

During the winter months, I research old farms and homesteads at the local library. I have a number of new places that I’m itching to get out and try my luck, as soon as the weather breaks. One place is a location that was once a race track with a dirt parking area. I’m guessing I should find a number of old coins, and probably some jewelry. This detector probably isn't the top of the line, but it does an excellent job. I would recommend the Garrett Ace 250 to everyone.