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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2008):
I have been metal detecting for about 30 years, and it just gets to be more of an obsession year after year. Four years ago I bought my Fisher CZ-3D and in my opinion is one of the best for finding the old coins and one that goes the deepest. I hunt old house yards, school yards, parks, and an old fairground. I also have permission to hunt an area that has been a ghost town since 1839. When I hunt with the CZ-3D I always use it in the enhanced mode. That old fairground is just loaded with trash. That is the place I always go to learn a detector. After you dig so much trash it doesn't take long for you to know what you detector is telling you. This machine finds coins as deep or deeper than any of the other machines I've had.

I found a little over 100 silver coins last year just from that old fairground alone, that's not counting any of the other places I hunted. The CZ-3D is a 4 tone machine, and gives a high tone on coins. The meter also tells you if it is coins or not, it also tells you how deep the target is. Now many machines register a nickel in with the pull tabs. The CZ-3D reads them as a nickel in high tone, so you find all the nickels that people have left behind because they don't want to dig tabs. There are at least 3 coils for this machine, 8", 10" and the 4". I have had many machines this past couple of years but they have been sold and the CZ-3D remains my main detector.
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