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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2008):
The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II was my first ever metal detector. I had done a lot of research on features, cost, reliability and listened to what seasoned metal detecting enthusiasts had to say about this metal detector before I purchased it. In my opinion, this detector is the greatest bang for the buck, when it comes to a metal detector that you can just turn on and start detecting, but has features that make detecting a fun as well as rewarding experience. My experience in using the Quick Draw II (QDII) has been nothing but pleasurable. It's simple enough to learn rather quickly, but has the features that make this hobby fun and rewarding. The QDII will accept 3 different sizes of coils, (comes standard with an 8" coil). The manual is pretty straightforward and gives the user enough information to use the detector effectively. I've found lots of clad (modern day coinage), and a number of rings, tokens, toys etc. with the QDII.

The Target ID is quite accurate and the Depth Gauge is usually "right on the money". As you will learn about metal detecting, no detector will be 100% accurate, there are too many variables. Target ID is based on "probable" target characteristics and Depth Indication is based on the target being a coin sized object, so as these variables change, so will the indications. The Discrimination Feature works very well and is easy to set to accommodate various conditions. The QDII has some very nice features. It has a Sensitivity Control, Discrimination Control, Discrimination Mode, Notch Mode and an Auto-Notch Mode.The LCD Display has a Target Identification Indicator, accurate Depth Indicator and Low Battery Indicator. I love this metal detector because it is easy to use, very consistent and reliable and will find lots and lots of targets. As the title to this review indicates, the QDII is a real workhorse, it's a detector that I grab on the way out the door, head for a likely area and start detecting.
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