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NEL Big 15 x 17" Search Coil (AT Pro)

NEL Big 15 x 17" Search Coil (AT Pro)

Product Review (submitted on November 28, 2018):
I bought this to cover open fields quicker and get more depth.
The coil gives back a smoother signal than the stock dd coil. Depth is about 50% more. I run my AT Pro at full sensitivity and don't have any issues with stability with this coil at all.
Not difficult to isolate targets with short swings and pinpointing is not as bad as I thought it would be.
I do wish it was lighter, this coil is heavy and can get tiring if you swing it all day.
Can be tricky to ground balance in highly trashy areas because the search area is so big.
High trash areas can be tricky to find small objects in the mix, just the nature of large coils.
Not that great in cornfields with the stocks half cut due to the size.

Overall it works well and is a good option to cover open areas. Just slow up your swing a little so the machine can keep up.
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