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Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 10.5" Search Coil

Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 10.5" Search Coil

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
The model that I own is a Fisher CZ-5. Let me tell you that it has been the best detector so far that I have encountered. I have used White's Coinmaster Series and also the White's Classic ID Series of detectors. The Fisher CZ-5 has the duel frequency targeting system to zero in on the target. My treasure finding has doubles since using the CZ-5 for the past year. The discrimination controls really get the feel for the terrain. Be it beach or dry land this detector has never failed me to find that target. However, it can be temperamental when there is a great amount of trash around the target. My motto is always dig any signal, there might be a diamond in the mound of trash. Because of the limited dealers in the great state of Maine, repair for Fishers are limited. Sometimes you have to make those repairs yourself. For instance, the bracket on the wand that keeps the detector box secure had broken off due to extensive use. I made repairs using a drill and a sliding door bracket to attach the box back to the wand. Now it's better than before.

Now I can use the detector more easily to make it a hip mount when working in close quarters and difficult positions that a wand cannot reach or get a good targeting on treasures. I have probably paid my detectors off 5 times over by the sheer amount of coin over the past year or so. I do a lot of coin shooting and beach combing. As far as relic digging, I plan on doing some this spring. My Fisher CZ-5 will not let me down. If I can find a silver charm at 8" in a heavy trash area, I know I will find almost anything anywhere. Batteries seem to last a long time with this detector. When the batteries are weak, you can immediately tell by the lack of tone when going over a target. Another way is also by the faint second ping when going over a possible target. Fisher builds a great, dependable, long lasting, durable detector that will never let you down.

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