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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
The Fisher CZ-3D has four tones plus a large target or shallow target bell tone. I always set my DISC control to "3" or "0" if you set it too high you lose the rings and nickels. I let my ears do the discrimination between the "4" tones. The CZ-3D can be used on the beach, dry land, salt water or fresh water, because it has two modes "SALT" and "ENHANCE". The CZ-3D is the best all around mid priced detector. I LOVE IT ! SO WILL YOU !

One of the most important tips is to "READ OPERATING MANUAL". I search for coins most of the time. I've found two nice rings, several silver quarters & dimes.The CZ-3D has "Turn-On-And-Go-Red-Numbered controls. Just set all the controls to the red number and you are ready to hunt. The control panel is easy to read and I like the two search modes,Target ID & Auto-tune. Personally I like the auto-tune mode, it gives you a wider and deeper scan. When you get a high tone target, pinpoint it and switch the DISC CONTROL to "0" to identify it.

When detecting in the auto-tune mode, ground balancing is very easy. Turn the DISC control to auto-tune, turn sensitivity control until you get a slight hum or threshold. Now is the time to adjust the GROUND control by moving the coil up & down "6" to "12" inches above the dirt. Raise and lower coil, as stated above until there is little or no change in threshold while adjusting the ground control. This is called BOBBING the search coil method.
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